A universal insult/derogatory term. Can be used in a large variety of ways, similar to the word fuck (and often used in conjunction with it). The meaning often changes depending on the context of how it is used.
~This was a great town before all these damn slinks showed up.
~How about you go suck your own ass, you fucking slink!
~I can't believe Becky is dating Brad... what a slink!
by Terridax September 5, 2017
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to shamefully leave the dwelling place of another in the early morning after having hooked up with that person
"So morning came around, and you didn't feel like sticking around for the awkward conversation, so you left a nice note and you slinked on home."
"I didn't slink!"
"What time was it?"
"Seven, maybe eight AM?"
"And you purposely avoided flushing her toilet?"
"You slinked, my friend."
by Moggraider July 9, 2009
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Meaning cool.
Originates from Sussex, England.
Man, that CD is so slink!
by Ernest Worthing February 4, 2005
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To give motion to the foreskin parralel to the phallic shaft in the act af masterbating.
What are you doing over there? Slinking your mule?
by protocoldroid November 15, 2004
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People that live in caravans on the back field, discarded land, tax free, they are all scrubbers and rob clothes of washing lines. This breed usually look scruffy and talk in a language impossible to understand.
Hey, check out that scruffy slink, the fuckin gypo.
by Joni Evans April 5, 2005
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to leave someone on their own after going out with them
i went out with mrs x, and she pure slinked off with mrs y
by C.B is a slink September 9, 2005
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"My slink is blowin' up!"
"Hit me up on my slink later."
by Scottt April 26, 2006
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