154 definition by Liz

"You fuck hedgehogs" in polish
Doesn't it speak for itself?

Jebiesz jeze!
by Liz January 09, 2004

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really lame. as in hardxcore + lame.
only lamexcore kids listen to creed.
by liz January 16, 2005

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when something is especially sketchy, it is referred to as a sketch-fest
what? he had sex with his cousin? , definitely a sketchfest
by Liz December 02, 2003

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A room, usually in bigger houses, that is set away to entertain geusts.
Small, private lounge room

Most likley found in an older or bigger/fancier house
We were sipping tea in the parlor with the captain and his wife.
by Liz December 25, 2003

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The combination of a wigger and a punker
Look at that wigunker with the mohawk and the bling bling!
by Liz March 13, 2004

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a government endoresed way of slavery

Also see slavery
I'm SO EXCITED to go to school!!
by Liz January 04, 2004

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A term developed and commonly applied to sites where the words Yaoi, slash, shonen-ai, and the such have been banned. Love between two males characters, weather in a RP or a fanfiction, or some other work. Usually denotes PG-13 or lower, but can also imply higher rating content.
You should really read 'Painted Sky', boyluff at it's best, a nice slightly fluffy Seto/Otogi.
by Liz February 26, 2005

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