Used to describe a being that demonstrates these qualities: large in stature, jacked physique, able to inhale large amounts of food. Common examples include Donkey Kong, Bowser, Ganondorf, King K. Rool, Incineroar, etc.
Friend 1: "Check out that guy benching 315 for reps over there!"
Friend 2: "Holy shit. I wouldn't wanna step into his gauntlet. That's a big boy."
Friend 1:"No dude. That's a horky bastard."
by ajetjennings January 14, 2021
adj. the way someone behaves when they have a stick up their butt. a state of irritation, very often over a small matter.
"Dude, I told her she was way off on the symbolism of Gatsby's car and she got all horky on me."
by Liz February 25, 2004
1. noun
n. a nick name for a beloved shepherd in a frisky mood

2. adjective
adj. how you feel after having consumed parts of a spiny lobster at dinner when said parts, owing to the bad oysters at lunch, come raging simultaneously through your nostrils, and out yer ass
n., e.g., "Who's a horky rumble fish?!"

adj., e.g., "Whoa there, not even the lemon fanta could help after seven hours of horking and shitting that goddamn crustacean. Who would put a radiator next to a toilet, when there was even the most remote possibility of horky rumble fish ignominy?
by Hork Meister December 8, 2011