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A pissant, white, upper-middle class, central-Jersey town that is the donut hole of Edison and somehow has both an exit from the turnpike and the parkway AND a nearby amtrak stop.
Metuchen? Oh yea, I passed your exit on the parkway once.
by tom January 12, 2004
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a town (exit 10 on Turnpike, 131 on Parkway) of about 13,000 in Central New Jersey where no crazy party should ever be held because of the small population and close proximity to police and/or bitchy neighbors
Ew! You get your underwear in the dollar or less basement of Variety Village in Metuchen? You skank!
by Liz March 27, 2005
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Moderatly nice town in Central Jersey,
also a conviently semi-dirty noun.

DeJuan: Route 27 is near Metuchen, fuck. Or it it 35?


Jon: Metuchen my nuts.
by Dajaleymon Kiwi January 02, 2009
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2 square miles of upper-middle class suburbia in the heart of New Jersey (and literally the heart and center of it's surrounding town, Edison). Full of gossip, the typical small town where everyone knows everyone and everything about them (and their grandma too).
So you're from Metuchen? I think I might have dated someone's sister's friend from there once, do you know him?
by Mary Kate February 08, 2005
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