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The practice of claiming that one or more media outlets lean to the left or right of politics in an underhanded effort to sell advertising for large corporate conglomerates. Often accompanied by the overt insinuation that 'normal' people are stupid and can't recognize any bias in any way or make their own decisions about the 'news.'
I sure wish I could tell if NPR or Fox news was biased or practiced media manipulation, but being such a dumb average American, they probobly know best. I'll let them tell me what to think.
by liz January 17, 2004
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They're an awesome band! the album absoulutely rocks and i definately don't regret spendin my last tenner on it! Anyone who hates them has absoulutely NO taste in music! So all in all they're brilliant but I do suppose they could be cuter-but hey who cares about that when they've got bags full of talent!
"Guilty woah guilty i feel so empty yeah empty you know how to make me feel"
by Liz October 16, 2004
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Not looking like an idiot when one is typing. Being able to spell out words correctly.
God you're and idiot! You can't even spell
by Liz March 05, 2004
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1. A skill that is rapidly becoming anachronistic since the advent of the computer age. Being able to spell words correctly as they appear in a dictionary of the English language.

2. Something so rapidly diminishing that it prompted a major university to do a study showing that it's not really necessary, that as long as the first and last letters of a word are in place, we can figure it out. So apparently spelling for its own sake would be useless, then. Fuckers.
I am bitter because no one employs proper spelling any more, instead choosing to take the easy road in our society of instant gratification.
by Liz November 20, 2003
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The condition where one person becomes exceedingly lazy, sloth-like, and so 'blah' that they are unwilling to do the most simple tasks, like read a few short paragraphs of text. Dereived from the user Shattered Rift, who has exhibited this lazyness on multiple occasions.
A: Er... mind reading this for me, I can't tell if it seems out of character or not.

B: No, I'm lazy.

A: -snorts- You gots the Shattered Virus
by Liz July 17, 2005
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the back of your upper arms that keep swinging after your doe waving good bye becuase they are so fat & n muscle is there
"I hate My Bye Bye Arms"
by Liz March 26, 2004
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A whore house. A place for men (or women) ;) to go to find hott girls and hott sex, too. Example: In 50 Cent's Candy Shop video.
"I'll take ya to the candy shop, I'll letcha lick the lolly pop..." Where "candy shop" is the whore house, and "lolly pop" is his "place".
by Liz March 12, 2005
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