the most badass genre of music; a popular known indie-like music.
Wow, this music sounds similar to indie music, but better.. must be "131"
Ha yeah, lets burn some green.
by K1232xX June 19, 2011
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The date Boston authorities crapped their pants over a viral marketing campaign and people stood up and said,"You frickin morons...STFU"
We live in a Post-131 world. Now, can I PLEASE bring my bottle of Jack Daniels on the plane?
by molochi February 2, 2007
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The most pointless weed-out class at Purdue University. Every engineering student is required to take it and no actual knowledge is gained. The purpose of the class is to confuse the shit out of everyone and make us do about 20 hours of homework every week.

Oh... and did I mention it's only a 2 credit hour class?!
Dude, why are you falling asleep? its only noon!

I was up till 5 a.m. doing my ENGR 131 homework last night. Just like every other week this semester.
by tacobellisawesome October 22, 2010
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The first year engineering class you take at Purdue where no one knows what they are doing (not even the teacher's assistants or professors most of the time). The class goes all the way through the semester like this and everyone gets A's.
Freshman asks sophomore: "What did you do in ENGR 131?"

Sophomore: "Nobody knew, but we still all got A's.
by SteevyT March 3, 2011
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Rule 131 - If you faggot you are automatically gay (Sincerely a gay person)
Boy - "You are such a faggot!"
Girl - "Rule 131! Congrats on coming out! I'm but what about you?"
by Kurapikas_Property January 1, 2021
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Channel 131 is a website that downloads tv shows and movies so we can watch them, the quality is sometimes not very good, but its better then nothing~ ;)

they have about 60 popular tv shows and more then 100 movies~
Awsum me~ Hey have you seen the vampire diaries on channel 131 yet??

Idiot~ what do you mean channel 131.. they dont show the vampire diaries...
Epic me~ its a website ¬_¬ idiot.
Idiot~ ah. okay, i shall now go check it out ;)
by Myleen~ November 9, 2010
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