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A rare disease you can only get through hand contact. They are still looking for a cure.
Doctor says I got spotch and they can't cure me right now.
by Liz August 22, 2004
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a sound used to express confusion or lack of knowledge
a:who is that? and what are they doing?
b: *merph?*
by Liz January 8, 2004
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The most lovable dog is a chihuahua.........for all you bitches and ho's who don't get it !!!
by Liz November 14, 2003
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Very, to an excessive degree.
Mr. Ewing's P.E. class is dummy hard!
by Liz October 1, 2005
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A man that ought to be caught and arrested. Who else can go into someones house with a big sack in to middle of the night?

Also notice
Not much of a difference, right?
Many abductors could dress up as santa clause and not be caught.
by Liz December 25, 2003
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n. cheap

v. to skeet, skeeted : to be cheat someone out of something or to be cheated
1. This toy broke the first day I got it, what a skeet toy.

2. Man, Alex told me I could have a free happy meal and Rachael got it instead. I got skeeted out of a happy meal.
by Liz October 19, 2004
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dance party , to dance randomly when driving somewhere in a car. requires getting out of the car and blasting the music playing as loud as possible.
by Liz April 4, 2005
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