151 definitions by Liz

I LOVE HER!! total obbsesion, fucking best lookin girl eva, shes soo gorgeous!!!
OMG i just looked at angelina, ORGASM!!! :)
by Liz March 7, 2005
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the man i'm going to marry- a born fuckmonster-an eloquent lyrical master who tops it off with a velvety orgasmic voice...
by Liz May 18, 2004
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n : any consumble object which comes in a dairy shaped cube. not to be consumed with meat at kosher tables.

v : to find something excessively cool

adj : to be excessively cool

exclamation : like penis, only better
n : "Dude, give me some of those cheese cubes."

v : "That cheese cube is so totally cheesed."

adj : "Your mom is the cheese!"

exclamation : "CHEESE! I just hit that old lady!"
by Liz March 19, 2003
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What middle-aged men that are going bald do to "camoflauge" their big gaping bald spot. Not very sucsessful
Why do people think comb-overs make them look less bald?
by Liz December 25, 2003
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a boy who is my bitch; the guy version of concubine
Dude, you have that guy so whipped. He is such your concuboy
by Liz December 14, 2003
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Fit As F*ck

when sum1 is soooooo fit
"Omg , dat guy iz sooooooo faf!"
by Liz May 6, 2005
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A mall infested with black people and mexicans.
I got molested the other day by a mexican at Desoto Mall.
by Liz December 27, 2005
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