Country roads, take me home
To the place, I belong
West Virginia, mountain mama
Take me home, country roads
When someone says “West Virginia” you just break out singing starting atmountain mama
Person: I’ve been to West Virginia-
by AngelDivisaGrace September 18, 2018
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We're not Virginia.
I don't know why I'm still in West Virginia. I'm 28 years old.
by lis May 29, 2003
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a state that is grossly oversterotyped
West Virginia has terrible driving.
-in fact WV is ranked higher in driving ability than most states
by country girl September 17, 2006
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A stunningly beautiful state. I urge people to get off of the interstates and explore some of the more wild areas- these places are what West Virginia really has to offer. Unfortunately many people from out of state don't know where the best spots are, and even long time residents don't take full advantage of the ample outdoor recreation available.

Because of the relative isolation from the rest of the country (until recently), very interesting folk cultures developed all over the Mountain State. I grew up in the Greenbrier Valley, but I have lived in several different regions. I've found that you can't really compare West Virginia to other states or even one West Virginia town to another because of this isolated development. The more little towns I discovered, the more my preconceptions were proven false. You really can't judge the entire state by one area. You especially cannot judge this state by appearances- social norms and material things are not what West Virginians tend to value. You won't find urban metropolises full of coffee shops, trendy clubs, and shopping centers, but you will find close-knit communities and people that really care about each other.

No matter where I've lived or traveled, I've never found people as extraordinarily interesting and friendly I have in West Virginia. Unfortunately, West Virginia has been continuously exploited for generations by outside interests. They have pillaged the state's rich natural resources and left its population in perpetual poverty. Sadly, much of the intelligent and forward-thinking population is left with no choice but to relocate to obtain good educations and jobs- perpetuating this cycle. With extreme poverty comes heavy drug use, alcoholism, lack of education, obesity, incest, abuse, poor health care, and the trashy lifestyle the state has become infamous for.
It may seem like a cloud of gloom hangs over this place, but if you look closer, you will find that stereotypes don't come close to explaining the haunting beauty and complexity of West Virginia.
by Alloy1028 August 13, 2007
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A very discriminated state. A bunch of wankers on this site have been calling it 'nothing but a bunch of rednecks'. Truth is, they couldn't even tell you where that title originated from. In circa 1860 western Virginia broke apart from Virginia to join the Union....Which is AGAINST slavery. The Union was a coalition of states that would fight for a good moral cause against slavery. This is where the term "redneck" comes into play. Groups of West Virginian guerillas (anyone here know what those are?) fought the South (pro-slavery) while at the time wearing red bandannas around their necks. Thus, earning them the title "Rednecks".

And then there is all of these ignorant kids saying WV is full of hicks and dumbarses. Mind you we have raised the following famous people: Homer Hickam (led the way for NASA with homemade rockets), Chuck Yeager (first person to break the speed of sound and a very accomplished WWII pilot),Booker T. Washington (no, he's not a wrestler so you know, he was the first African American to ever start his own school, The Tuskeegee Institute BTW every West Virginian doesn't watch wrestling as a favorite past time either, I just happened to have glanced at the show before), and there is a lot (not alot, but a lot), lot more who those that were'n't born in West Virginia would even care about, but instead just said "Hey! I don't know that anyone famous ever came from West Virginia, so how about I bang my head against the keyboard and hope that this poorly put together flame of West Virginia of mine works!"

Now look at that, I just flamed you bunch of noobs who thought that West Virginia was really just a peice of crap, even though we were home to the Millionaire capitol of the United States in Brambwell, West Virginia. And guess what, this extraordinary dis that showed the true stupidity of some of the United States came from a fourteen year old highschooler. Peace out.
I think its really the West coast that is a bunch of dumbasses. I mean, I've got to be smarter that half of you kiddies who have posted here and I am only number 37 out of 117 people in my class.
by Your Executioner June 26, 2005
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A great place to do things outdoors. When your here your surrounded by nice people unlike that piece of shit OHIO! All you people think is that people from West Virginia are dumb rednecks, well your wrong. West Virginia is without a doubt the best state in the fuckin country. So all you hatin sons a bitches can go suck a dick!!!!
West Virginia kicks ass!
by Forrest Loughry March 2, 2009
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