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Either of two persons who instance on farting in front of each other.
One of two persons who join up together to fart in inappropriate settings.
Either of two person who share an intimate relationship and think it's funny beyond belief to out do each other by farting incessantly.
Mary and John are not only married but fartners in crime. Have you ever stayed at their home?
Don't go to dinner with Bob and Gerry. They are fartners true and true and public displays are their MO.
by Ladyomygod August 10, 2013

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When a person has very few emotions or vocal inflections and behaves like a robot as if they have had a lobotomy. Also, can use robotimized as in turned into a robot.
I just told Bob his cat died and he just shuffled down the hall with no response at all. I wonder if he's had a robotomy.
by Ladyomygod October 06, 2009

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A misogynecologist is a doctor specializing in the health maintenance and diseases of women even though he is strongly prejudiced against women in general and does not like them as people at all.
Dr. Smithfield is considered one of the best gynecologists even though it is commonly known that he is a raging misogynecologist who discards supermodel girlfriends at that drop of a hat and thinks Chris Brown is a great role model.
by Ladyomygod July 22, 2016

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The downward falling or sliding of a face due to overuse of cosmetic surgery. Can also mean the mass itself.
If her faceslide gets any worse she'll be putting mascara on her chin.
by Ladyomygod July 28, 2011

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Shorthand for saying that you are going to watch something on You Tube.
I heard Florence and the Machine were on TV last night. I'll have to tube it.
by Ladyomygod January 22, 2011

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When the general tweeting audience dislikes a tweeter therefore expressing their tweethate.
In response to the AZ shootings today, hundreds of tweeters expressed their tweethate by retweeting Sarah Palin's March 23rd tweet "Don't retreat...reload".
by Ladyomygod January 08, 2011

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1) An advanced state of unusual or abnormal activity.

2) Management loves people who are pro-active. Pro-hyperactive is the next logical step.
My team of managers always meet their goals because they are pro-hyperactive.
by Ladyomygod March 18, 2010

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