Cosmetic is where you ejaculate into a girl's hair but then you have to take your lode out with a spoon
Your like the stars ,because your head is looking cosmetic as fuck
by Cockwomble12 June 27, 2017
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Something done for cosmetic purposes, but with a Sarah Palin twist on the English Language.
We prepared the inserts for the binder for cosmetical purposes.
by DesertRatJohn April 27, 2011
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the tactful response required when u meet an acquaintance who has proudly changed hi/her hair, face or body in a failed attempt to improve his/ her appearance.
aks:"dude did u see that guy, what crap has he done to his hair,looks like he's got a broom up his head"
mj:"so , did u manage the cosmetic perjury??"
by its_aks November 4, 2005
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Term made famous in referring to YouTubers in the beauty community who attempt to make their own makeup and cosmetics. Usually means having informal development environments, such as in their kitchen and bedroom, or in relation to unhygienic practices and questionable ingredients. 'Kitchen cosmetics' became a famous term regarding John Kuckian's makeup line.
Cassey: "What do you think of John Kuckian's makeup line?"
Michelle: "What makeup line? You mean his kitchen cosmetics?"
by beedot_i January 7, 2018
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A girl who switches brand loyalty depending on who has a free gift with purchase.
I am such a cosmetic whore. Last week I loved Clinique, this week it's Lancome ~ Great free gwp.
by Blame Ceiling Hue September 8, 2010
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Pills used for cosmetic purposes that benefit the user in terms of physical appearance.
Many celebrities take cosmetic pills to make their skin look more radiant.
by hayvoid July 26, 2012
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A person that pretends to smoke weed to look cool but never inhales the smoke but instead holds it in his or her cheeks then blows it out
Yeah man i was smokin some bud with this cosmetic smoker man he was hittin the blunt like he was afraid or something i cant smoke with that liar
by Nyja gano July 13, 2017
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