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one who find sexual arousal in the power politics of communication via the internet, namely, through the messageboard medium
Nobody could understand why little Jimmy kept coming back to the board for more abuse, and eventual deletion, week after week. It finally made sense when we found out Jimmy was a netrosexual; his sole sexual pleasure in life was derived from the thought of an admin deleting his account.
by elliott February 04, 2005
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n. 1. A person who regularly seeks out web sites that provide erotic content. 2. A person who regularly interacts erotically with others on the internet through chatrooms, newsgroups, forums or email. May use anonymity to disguise their true age, gender or usual sexual orientation. —netrosexuality n.
Many internet users are "closet" netrosexuals.
by jsavage December 13, 2003
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Describes a person that only acts gay when online. Follows the trendy "Metrosexual" term.
Matt: "Want to cyber?"
Bob: "No.. I hear you are a fake.. A Phony.. You Netrosexual you.."
by AtaRi. October 31, 2003
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A netrosexual is an male who pays attention to sexual interactions only via impersonal media such as mobile technology and the internet.
Anthony Weiner is the epitome of a netrosexual. He can only respond to uploads of body parts or sexts from anonymous women.
by Ladyomygod August 10, 2013
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