an item of makeup that people (usually women) wear to make their eyelashes look longer/thicker/darker/curlier.
Can't be put on with your mouth closed.
mascara is God
by catsimps April 17, 2004
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The black stuff that falls down your face when your crying
“Wow did you see those black lines on that girls face”

“Bro it’s her mascara
by sadgirl27 January 25, 2019
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A kind of eye makeup to enhance the length, density, volume and color of the eyelashes.

It is usually black or brown.
The mascara made her eyes pop.
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Paint worn to blend into an environment in addition to camouflage clothing.
How's my mascara Hathcock?
by Some loser August 8, 2005
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A skanky person who plays furcadia. Spam her as much as you like, as often as you can. She steals husbands and buttockfooks twinks for digos. :)
"You are such a Mascara, ho."
by bigassbebi December 17, 2003
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An Icy Mascara is when you unleash a huge load of freshly brewed seamen over a girl's eye lash (when her eyes are closed) You then tell her to keep her eyes shut for a couple minutes, when she tries to open them, they will be stuck shut.
Jack: Did you see Tiffany today?

Rick: Nah, Why?

Jack: Man i gave her the dirtiest icy mascara ever, her eye is half closed and it's bloodshot

Rick: Jesus Christ man, it must of been a sticky load.
by xlbloodshedlx May 10, 2009
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A kind of girl who wears too much mascara and eyeshadow. They are constantly complaining about everything and trying to get attention. Love to flirt with football kids and their outfits consist of unzipped, oversized, half-on hoodies over a crop top or bra. Wear pajama pants and chunky shoes to make themselves look taller.
"I saw a Mascara Girl today!"
by materialgorl_UwU February 24, 2022
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