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A glorified booty call.
Don't ask a girl to Netflix and Chill on a first date; unless she's a ho she'll say no. Then you look like a dick just trying to dip your wick.
by LadyBookworm80 May 20, 2017

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Commercials aimed at specific generations based on iconic images.
Ok I just saw MCGruff the crime dog in a Geico Commercial. This generation pandering is hilarious.
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by LadyBookworm80 March 13, 2018

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N. After the Roman God Janus and the term Pussy (used to mean wussy or snowflake); Someone who is two faced and can't take it when they are rebuked.
*sarcasm* Oh g-d; our esteemed POTUS is tweeting, again! He's such a Janus Pussy!!
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by LadyBookworm80 August 07, 2017

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1) Making such a huge shit that it goes above the water line and clogs up the toilet.

2) A nickname for Donald Trump (as President).
Dude, I was so late to work this morning! I had a Dumpf and it took half an hour of plunging to get it to go down!!

2) God, I can't stand Dumpf; America's really in the toilet!
by LadyBookworm80 August 06, 2017

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When a woman’s boobs move to one side or the other in her bra after wearing a seatbelt and have to be shifted back to be even; often causing a momentary pause before or directly after exiting a vehicle.
Give me a sec; I’ve got serious beltboob I need to fix.
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by LadyBookworm80 March 13, 2018

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When there have been multiple fuck-ups that combine into one gloriously large giant fucked-day/situation; so much so that it can bend time and space with it's fuckiness.
I stepped in dog shit; broke a nail; got into a car accident; and lost my job. Today has be a fucktardious day.
by LadyBookworm80 October 12, 2014

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