The most annoying part of Television.
I stopped watching television because of commercials.
by HT January 14, 2004
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desperate attempts too fool people into buying someones products/services. morality is totally parallel to this. anything goes as long as it achieves it's goal of increasing sales (including lies, exploiting subculture, using stupid annoying songs because they stick to your head etc.)
- this commercial says that this (whatnot) increases 98% of (whatever). you think they actually did a study bout this..?
- probably not, but it's just a commercial..
- does this mean they can lie to people?
- pretty much..
by zoster August 15, 2008
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Shown on television to advertise products. Companies pay to put their commercials on air. One commercial is usually 30 seconds. Shown during shows and in between shows.
I waited until the commecials came on so I could use the bathroom without missing the show.
by _Daniel_ July 14, 2005
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A deadly disease that has proven to cause anger and anxiety in people. It spreads through the media. Televisions worldwide have been infected by them. It is starting to spread even worse and worse. It has infected radio stations, the internet, youtube, movies, and street corners.

Scientists are still looking for a cure to commercials. However, the nation is run by the media so they have not had any luck in stopping the spread of the commercials disease. God help us all.
Yea but I stopped watching halfway through because of all the commercials
by tgawdun December 26, 2011
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The things shown when the TV ceases to show you what you told the TV show you. These generally consist of people preforming impossible tasks with things they want you to buy, people talking as fast as humanely possible about what the drug they are selling will do to you, and Billy Mays yelling.

The duration of commercials are generally used for making snacks and preparing beverages.
"Joey! Quick, run and get us a six-pack during the Commercial !
by Etch Dos April 6, 2009
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Involved in work that is intended for the mass market: a commercial artist.

Having profit as a chief aim: a commercial song, not a good song.

Usually used for describing hip hop or rap that is played on the radio 24/7 that is only about money,cars,guns,girls, and drugs.

Music only made to sell records to thug wannabes.

Rap that puts quantity before quality.
Kid1: "Have you heard that New Jay Z, Cash Money, Jarule, Ludacris, song!?"
Kid2: "That shit is wack, you need to stop listening to that commercial rap"
Kid3: "Underground Hip Hop for life!"
by SpoR November 28, 2005
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1* A form of capitalist propaganda.

Far more accepted (especially among dumbasses) than religious, leftist, conservative, nationalist or any other form of propaganda even though it's also far more biased and even less truthfull than any of the above.

2* Something that is commercial or in other words private and for profit.
Example 1:

Buy our product, it's the best product, we have tested it with independent researchers, we are not lying, buy it, buy it, buy it.

Example 2:

Norwegian Air is a commercial airline.

The commercial value of our products has risen rapidly.
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