To insert one's penis into a vagina in a sexual context.
Man, to his male friend, in reference to a woman he wishes to have sexual intercourse with: "Wouldn't you like to dip your wick in her!"
by KurtNYC August 10, 2010
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A slang for sexual intercourse describing a penis as a candle wick and quickly inserting into any orifice for sexual release. The penis can be inserted into the mouth, anus or vagina.
That horny cowboy at the bar asked me if Friday night was a good time to dip your wick in this town.

You ain't living well as a guy until you dip your wick in some strange once in awhile.

Your date I fixed you up with said you could dip your wick for ten bucks extra, but no kissing.
by Leatherlaird July 4, 2009
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