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A woman between 28 and 48, driving an SUV while talking on the cell-phone, not paying attention to where she's going, and with at least 3 different kids names with sport stickers on her rear window. She generally doesn't realize her husband is paying for their lifestyle with credit and they'll be on the street if he loses his telecom job.
I'm going to be late this morning, i'm stuck behind a Plano Princess.
Geez, you'd think every Plano Princess in town was at the mall today.
by LadiesMan217 July 05, 2007

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Any fund raising car wash where hot teen girls in shorts and bikini tops are put on the street with signs directing you to the car wash as a way to drum up business.
Seems like there's a Texas Car Wash on every corner this weekend.
by LadiesMan217 July 05, 2007

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Giving a ride to someone in exchange for a blow job. Supposedly common practice at some Texas High Schools
Dude, I've been running a Plano Carpool all week.

If you miss the bus, just take a Plano carpool.
by LadiesMan217 July 05, 2007

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When you fap to a picture of a person
Friend 1: hey man did you nail Vanesa yet
Friend 2: no but I find myself paying tribute to her Facebook pictures quite often.
by Ladiesman217 March 05, 2014

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Taking 2 Alli (a diet pill that blocks fat) before a fat filled lunch will result in a painful rush to the restroom about an hour later, and at least 3 flushes.
Look out, Dave's on another Alli Bombing Run.

You might want to avoid the bathroom for awhile. Someone made an Alli Bombing Run and it's a mess.
by LadiesMan217 July 05, 2007

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