A proper legend. He's got art skills for days trust me.
Nico, my G.
by goopstie April 4, 2016
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an awesome guy, Flatout, always is loyal, and the girls he has a crush on, always want to be with him because of his big dick, because his name is not nick he is probably Latin american which means his real name is nicolas not nicholas
but he is sweet and loves everyone around him who he is close to the only problem is that half the time he is so popular he never gets a chance to talk to you
damn that kid is so popular, must be a nico
by nitereeper7 June 20, 2021
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It’s me Nico’
by Mypseudonymisntmyname December 15, 2020
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Nico! The most wonderful, sweet, generous, cutest, funniest guy ever. He works hard and doesn't give up. He's always happy and never sad. He's dreamy af and has the best smile I've ever seen. I adore, care, and love my Nico and I know he feels the same way about me. Hes so special to me. And he got a big ass ! I love u. And he knows how to treat his girl he isn't some thirsty boy.
Wow! You see him?! Yeah that's Nico! Damn I wish he was mine.
by Hailey1738 November 8, 2016
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Nico is a kind and caring boy that can sometimes stray from his path. He relies heavily upon his closest friends to guide him. He is smart although he acts like he isn't and he is also very handsome. When things go wrong and he doesn't get the help he needs, he resorts to drastic measures of pain and suffering to himself and the people around him to endure
Woah Nico, nice grade! I wish I was as smart as you

Nico, I'm here to help you if you need me

Nico, you're so handsome!
by craazyydefiinitionss March 21, 2019
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a very nice and pretty person who is insecure of themselves but doesnt realize they are amazing and gorgeous.
me: hey!! look at my friend nico.
person: oh wow, they are very pretty.
by xingqiiy December 15, 2021
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the most amazing person you could ever meet, he is so sweet and always knows what to say to make you smile, he is a great boyfriend. nico's are fun to be around but do not like you to be around other guys. they tend to have huge butts it will make you jealous. i love my nico <3
daayyymmm he must be a Nico, look at that assss!
by hjbhgvnh August 3, 2011
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