when a girl lathers up her hair with shampoo, wraps it around your cock, and jacks you off with it until you bust in her hair
Her hair was so lathery...it was perfect for giving me a car wash.
by Accipiter March 9, 2006
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When a man is in the shower and puts soap or body wash on his wang and does the helicopter so soap gets on everything and everyone else
Richard is in the shower giving everybody a car wash.
by jnmains July 11, 2008
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slang for a girl's pussy thats very wet and at times spacious
I was over at Tiffany's place last night and had a got the full treatment in her car wash.
by jimmy July 28, 2004
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When a person is shat upon by multiple people, that person must then crawl on all fours as the people involved pee on them until squeaky clean.
Rachel got a car wash last night from the whole fraternity.
by Stuttering prick June 16, 2012
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multiple guys using their tounges to give a girl the proper cleaning she deserves.
The guys and i gave Bree the First and best car wash. Not only was she clean she enjoyed it.
by Leonard March 19, 2005
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another word used to describe a blow job which is the act of having sex with the mouth look also in oral sex
"dude i was at my girlfriends house and she gave me a car wash, she washed the most important car of all"
by xander torres July 11, 2008
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four consecutive strikes in a game of bowling
Peter scored a car wash to beat me at the bowling alley.
by Thadeus January 29, 2008
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