Don't miss the bus on this. Call those creeps out.
by The Return of Light Joker September 13, 2010
When one conjures up an excuse of sorts to get out of an unenjoyable event. You can "miss the bus" on dentists appointments, weddings, birthdays, school dances, or say swim practices.
Leesa: I missed the bus on Emma's party, but its okay it looked lame.

Izi: Are you going to the football game?
Rebecca: No, I think I'm gonna miss the bus.

Tori: It sucks that you weren't at setbuilding, we had so much fun.
Charlotte: Darn it, maybe I shouldn't have missed the bus.
by emdods536 January 26, 2009
The act of stupidity,foolishness, and or acting dumb
You are missing the bus if you think laker is ugly
by Fleekydeek March 6, 2017