13 definitions by Konga

Blair and Herman are the proud parents of Podkayne, their first youngling ; a girl!
by Konga March 20, 2006
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With his right-wing rantings no longer considered unique and threatening to the populace at large, Karl's march towards adnormality and acceptance continues apace.
by Konga November 16, 2005
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The capital city of Ontario, Canada as pronounced by the locals real slurred like.
Gonna go to Trawna to see the Stones, Jilly - you comin'?
by Konga December 2, 2005
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A good idea repeated forever- on an endless loop - so as not to allow any other idea to intrude upon the intended impact of the original idea.
In front of an open fire at his secluded getaway, after an evening of cocktails and fancy hors d'oeuvres Jorge wanted to seduce Stephanie so he bolstered his ploy by playing their favorite songs on a loop.
by Konga August 21, 2009
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A weblog devoted to a collection of rantings and ravings about a subject or subjects totally at the discretion of the blogger(s). From rant ( self explanatory ) + age ( collection ).
George's daily rantage on his website about the Iraq War is striking a sympathetic chord in the college community.
by Konga December 12, 2005
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What a milf is called in India.
Dinesh had his first sexual encounter with the ravishing Lavanya, the neighborhood aunt to many impressionable young men even though she was well into her 30s.
by Konga February 2, 2010
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someone who is way sexy and hot
Nicole is so chewable in them short shorts.
by Konga July 5, 2006
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