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someone who is way sexy and hot
Nicole is so chewable in them short shorts.
by Konga July 5, 2006
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What a milf is called in India.
Dinesh had his first sexual encounter with the ravishing Lavanya, the neighborhood aunt to many impressionable young men even though she was well into her 30s.
by Konga February 2, 2010
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With his right-wing rantings no longer considered unique and threatening to the populace at large, Karl's march towards adnormality and acceptance continues apace.
by Konga November 16, 2005
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An overdressed ghetto blob festooned with garish jewelry...
That fat, quarrelsome bling ho Frantiqua went shopping for even MORE glittery baubles in order to boost her sagging spirits after LeDion was sent away for yet another 3 year stretch...
by Konga June 4, 2007
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A fat, loud ghetto skank festooned with gaudy jewelry usually obtained from any number of her baby daddies.
Leroy yelled " I told yo dumb bling ho ass I was not the baby daddy " when Maury announced " Leroy, you are NOT the father!"
by Konga May 27, 2007
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Laboriously searching through reems of blogs searching for that one special gem that will make it all worthwhile.
Rutger found blog slogging the web looking for people with similar interests tedious and time comsuming.
by Konga November 3, 2005
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A boy. A child. An insignificant disturbance in an otherwise orderly day.
Harold was holding court vilifying this n that in Uptown Clete's Hairstylists when youngin' boychuk D'Shawn suddenly opined that dad Hal's opinions was shit 'cause he was an old fuck and all...

Harold chuckled, spat on the floor, and waggled his finger, then sighed... "nobody listens no more".
by Konga July 29, 2009
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