The over achiever. This guy is best in the work he does, the course he studies, the fitness he maintains and is the youngest achiever at work place. His parents love him and give his example to many. Never compare yourself to a Dinesh, you will lead a dissatisfied life.
OMG! Company Director before 35! He is such a Dinesh.
Dinesh cracked the course in his first attempt.
by MeKitty October 18, 2021
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The most amazing guy you'll meet. The guy you want when you need somebody to talk to. Athletic, Nice, and sexy the type of guy you will fuck on the first date.
Yo is that the new Dinesh Kid ?? Damn he is beautiful.
by BANGBANG January 14, 2013
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A charming chocolate gentleman, who's a real sweet talker and isn't afraid of being his super-intelligent and eccentric self.
On the first date, I realised Brian was a typical Dinesh; he didn't care about being cool, he was super funny, but he was such a gentleman and also had a sensitive side. I really like him.
by Mr.Jollygoodshow December 1, 2021
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when you take your friend somewhere, beat the shit out of him/her, and leave him/her there with no way home (hit and run)

*Caution: dineshing may end your friendship.
1. I'll go dinesh on your ass

2. I was driving by Morgan Town and got in a fight with my best friend. I beat his ass and left him there with no way home.

2. can someone please pick me up :*( I'm in Morgan Town, I just got dineshed.

4. that nigga got dineshed/ I dineshed that nigga
by Ilovedinesh March 17, 2011
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Sexiest guy alive, he is so hot, he is different in his own driven kind of way, very disciplined always gets his own way - something almost every other guy lacks. You are lucky to know him
I want Dinesh 😍
by AKND November 24, 2021
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The name 'Dinesh' means "Lord of the Day". The name is derived from Sanskrit "dina" (day) and "isha" (lord).
Dinesh is the one of the most beautiful names I've heard of.
by dinesh. August 21, 2007
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