someone who is way sexy and hot
Nicole is so chewable in them short shorts.
by konga July 5, 2006
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A booger, left by kids under tables, on walls, etc.
The kids keep leaving little cherub chewables under the table.
by Suisare crasher July 31, 2004
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Club candy that's been around for some time known as 'chewable liquor': gelatinous lozenges that contain concentrated alcohol and are very potent.
Another club favorite similar to chewable liquor is called (rather punnigly...) AWOL:
Alcohol WithOut Liquid, which is an inhalable form of alcohol, mixed with oxygen for faster 'hit' effect.
by hammer---;, hytham May 16, 2007
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A sweet succulent soft sensational piece of heaven that is usually in a rectangular flat form. There have been instances where this chewable delight has been made completely square and wrapped in paper. Another name for chewable delight is......chewing gum.
Wrigley's Extra (Spearmint)

Hey man, can I get a stick of chewable delight?
by James T. Carson April 3, 2006
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