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A sexy individual, who has a real knack for sports and everything else. He is awesomely cute and is dangerously funny. Girls know he's the go-to guy for anything. He also has a charismatic personality and a killer sense of humor.
Catherine: Who's the cute guy over there?

Jocelyn: I know riight? I think his name is Herman.
by heeyy123123 August 17, 2011
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When ones scrotum exceeds the length of their penis
1) "That dudes got a mad small dick. Hes definitly got a herman."

2) "That dudes got a mad big ball sack. Hes definitly got a herman."
by herbalrealife February 01, 2011
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a cubic mouthful, most often used to measure the size of women's breasts rated on a scale from 1 to 5.

1- flat (much to be desired)
2- hitting puberty
3- respectable
4- huge!!
5- damn!!
dude, look at that milf. she's got at least 4 hermans!
by the Sam man April 16, 2008
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<Herman, the best imagined friend one could wish for, he's always near you (or not if he did something bad). His friends are called Hermanitas (for females) and hermanos (for males)>
Teacher: Who threw that?!
Student: It was Herman?
Teacher: Who? Is there even a Herman in this class?
Student: Ofcourse! he's sitting over there! djeez.
*The whole class looks at one direction*
by Dapooperman November 04, 2010
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Verb. The sexual act where a man forces an unsuspecting woman's head down into his crotch while sticking his other hand up her skirt.
If you want this job, you'll have to let me herman you.
by Clint Beastwood6 November 07, 2011
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