39 definitions by kirk

to kill something thats already dead
jimmy over-died after being tossed down a ravine, with lit dynomite.
by kirk July 17, 2005
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The epitimy of what a guitarist is. Jimmy Page is second to him dude.
(also see 5th def. of Kirk)
Leif: I wish i played guitar like Jimi
Kirk: U play BASS!?
Kirk: Hokay
by kirk April 7, 2004
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see also mullet. this is an acronym for Short Front, Long Back. another common phrase is 10-90.
the dude keeps his hair business in front party in back. hes got a sflb.
by kirk November 23, 2004
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When the shit coming out of the ass looks like a pig snout.
by kirk September 14, 2003
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An organ that when aroused, will cause a female orgasim.
As I ate her out, I went for the clit. We never parted again.
by kirk March 2, 2005
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