City State; A diverse mixture of cultures in the North of Germany with more millionaires per capita than any other city in Germany. It is a unique wonderland with a reputation for shit weather and constant wind. The police in Hamburg have leather jackets, making them tougher and uber cool. The biggest cemetery in Europe is in Hamburg, with it's own dedicated bus service.

Famous and well known for many things, including: Sankt Pauli, the Beatles, and Gina Wild; Some German rap stars have originated and reside within Hamburg. A media centre. Many homeless people live in Hamburg.
Q: Where were the Beatles first established as a popular band?
a=They started in Hamburg on their journey of world domination.
Q: What are hamburgers, the food item, named after?
a=not Hamburg.
Q: Why do people say Hamburg isn't the best?
a=they are in denial, or jealous, or both. Cops with leather jackets, Mann! Who wouldn't be jealous of that?
by w82concerned May 15, 2011
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Coolest, most inspiring and stylish city in the world, situated in the north of Germany by the river Elbe.
Home to many great musicians and artists, the rise of the Beatles, the "Reeperbahn" (yes, with all its sex-shops and easy girls in buffer jackets), the prettiest harbour and most important, its wonderful and unique people.
"Although Hamburg is jokingly said to be the birthplace of the Hamburger, this might just be a myth. But the beef patties a German immigrant from Hamburg sold in the 1850s in New York allegedly were named after that Hamburgian butcher and then became a generic term, so the myth goes."
by Catherinethefursed April 10, 2007
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Abbreviation for "Hamburger," used almost exclusively in the United States Northeast, Central Atlantic, Ohio, and Michigan.
School Lunch Menu: Hamburg, Cheeseburg, Hash Browns, Fruit
by Bloho Jo January 20, 2013
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A uninspiring and unstylish town situated in the north of Berks County Pennsylvania by the river Schuylkill. Used to have a broom factory but that closed. Now home to a recycling center and Cabellas Superstore.

"Although Hamburg was said to be the broom capital of the world, now they are not". Could benefit from taking a lesson from Hamburg Germany and opening up a red light district featuring fat Pennsylvania Dutch bitches since this is the one thing that they have
Oscar: Wel now, lets go don to ze Hamburg kapella und get zum hos and saurkraut
by PANoMore June 11, 2010
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(noun; pronounced: ham-BURR-jenss) Hamburgence is a physiologically-induced, and paradoxically urgent state of mind; one that combines all the mystery and intrigue of the human digestive processes, the urgent drive to satisfy a craving, and the related cascade of coma-inducing neurotransmitter chemicals in response to the consumption, and subsequent OVERFILL of specifically fatty foods: primarily hamburgers. The end result is usually a Food-Coma.

The chubby kid in the booth at McDonalds, staring vacantly at the 10+ empty hamburger wrappers before him, unable to move nor utter a single word, has reached the event horizon of a Food-Coma, brought on by an episode of HAMBURGENCE.

As he raises his sausage-link fingers to grasp ahold of his cup of over-priced sugar-syrup-water, he suddenly realizes the futility of such an ambitious act; subsequently surrendering to his body's fat-saturated condition - albeit temporarily.

Note: a hamburgence-induced food-coma is one of the shorter-lasting conditions related to overindulgence.
Johnny: "We should hit the road now, if we're going to make it to the hotel in time to check in."

Gordo: "I....can't....move...ughhhnnn"

Johnny: "Oh no, you didn't... My back hurts today, I can't carry you again!"

Gordo: "I am sorry....but....I...I...." (drools on self, eyes half-lidded)

Johnny: "Dude - your hamburgence has gotten to a dangerous level.. I've had enough of your blubbery! Get up!!"

Gordo: "zzzzzz....zzzzz...."
by Astral Dissection June 26, 2011
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An inhabitant of the German port city of Hamburg
He is from Hamburg; A real Hamburger!
by anonimously November 17, 2005
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The best place to live in boring germany.
An ancient harbor city, where u can party almost every day.
It´s quite clean, diverse, polite and open to anyone
from anywhere. Just grab an Astra-Beer and have a seat at the
bar. Overall a tolerant place, where the cops don´t
bother peaceful potheads while on patrol.

Famous Reeperbahn redlight-district included.

"Hamburg meine Perle, Du wunderschoene Stadt!"
by Weltregierung January 3, 2008
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