The number one party spot on any college campus. A place to get geeked as fuck. Usually a grassy area between dorm or academic buildings.
by Cletus Clavicle September 23, 2018
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1)Mostly known on HBCU campuses as the hang out spot.
2)Home of the divine nine's territory, on HBCU campuses
3)Also known as the yard
1)Meet me on the quad so we can chill.
3)The Kappas run the quad at BCU
by BCU2889 May 19, 2008
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(1)Ahhh the Quad, a converted lounge, able to sleep 12+, representing the who's who on the University of Michigan campus, consisting of the 120 three musketeers and Dr. Beau Brodtmann and some South Quad snowball fight losers.
(2)Home of the survivor and lots of dead soldiers
(3)Known for it's rank smell and contaminated floor (including but not limited to vomit, alcohol, urine, excrement, semen, and vaginal fluid)
The Quad Rocks
I'm going Quadding today
Fucking Quad
I am so Quad right now
by The Giver March 11, 2005
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sexual move, while licking the clit, put a finger in the pussy, with the same hand put a finger in the ass or just rub it (do the hook em horns with your hand, bend your pinkey in if she just wants it rubbed) and play with a nipple with the other hand
it the quad is to freaky for her or to advanced for you to perform, start out with the trifecta, stay away from the ass
by Paul S. W. November 9, 2006
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A new type of Cannabis grading in general, emergenging from a satured Canadian Cannabis market mostly due to Cannabis growing permits easily distributed using opiate & opioid crisis as an excuse to easily obtain these permits and grow personal medical weed for pain and symptoms instead of abusing opiates or opioids. Basically Quad A means the Highest Grade of Cannabis amongst the abundancy of Canadian Pot. Some people pronounce it short, Quad but the name of the designation is Quad-A. If you ask for Quad A in Canada, you will receive good stuff, it tends to be twice as strong, devoid of mold and mildew, and a real good smoke in general. The expression is also used in French, in Quebec, the french canadian province.
Yo I don't want reg weed man can you find some Quad A? Hey it's me, got any Quad for sale dude? Yo big t'as tu du Quad a vendre (french) ?
by Ascot1111 November 8, 2019
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A quade is something unknown, simply because we will never figure it out.

A quade is also a foreign currency.
by Blakessketit March 23, 2019
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A quarter of an ounce (two eighths) of marijuana.
Yo, hook me up with a quad for $75
by Blenk Master Flex September 26, 2003
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