An event that is so awesome and at the same time, kind of fucked up, it has no rival. (e.g: Darth Vader)

Also known as Getting your Palpatine on or going Palpatine.
Man 1: So, the other day, I was getting a BJ from my girlfriend and after she finished, I showed her some porn and told her what she did wrong.

Man 2: Man, that is Dark Side.
by nakedpeopleeverywhere May 13, 2011
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The state of being so drunk that there is no way to go back. Being completely and absolutely obliterated, hammered ass drunk.
James hit the dark side around the 12th whiskey and coke, right before he threw his wallet at the dealer to buy back into the poker game.
by dahvdahv September 10, 2010
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To engage in sexual relations with female Midshipman at the United States Merchant Marine Academy at Kings Point, NY. Also popular among USNA Midshipman.
A person who has engaged in Dark Siding is commonly known as a Dark Sider, also less commonly referred to as The Emperor or Darth Vader, depending upon the attractiveness of the female involved and/or the number of instances of Dark Siding committed by the individual.
Hey did you hear about Smith, he's gone over to the dark side, poor bastard.
by KP Setback June 29, 2006
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Term originated in Star Wars: the Old Republic where you got Dark Side and Light Side points as a result for your actions. The display screen for those was also very "in your face".

Since Dark Side points were often given for actions that were morally good, but went against the wishes or teachings of the Jedi Order, "Dark Side" as a pun started to be applied to IRL actions that were in any way advantegous or convenient to the person voicing them.
Person 1: "I can't be bothered to study anymore... I'll watch some TV."
Person 2: "DARK SIDE!!!!"

Person 1: "What a nice day! I think I'll get off work early and have an ice cream!"
Person 2: "DARK SIDE!!!"

Person 1: "For once, I didn't clean my apartment this weekened, but played 30 hours of video games!"
by dimhoLt May 9, 2012
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Colloquial name for the housing commission side of Wyoming, NSW. Hotspot for crystal meth, domestic violence and hoodlum activity. Also known as the "Ghetto Side" or the "Shit Side".
Bring your crew over to the Dark Side and we'll rape you silly!
by Kool-Moe-Dee January 19, 2011
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liars about having cookies
evil dude: "Come over to the dark side, we have cookies"
some guy: "ok"

some guy: "hey where are the cookies?!??!!!?!"
evil dude: "its the dark side, what did you expect"
by FTWbasharDGKinfected December 24, 2009
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- Hey what did you vote?
- Democrats, duh.
- Dude, cross over to the dark side. We've got cookies.
by Glest February 3, 2010
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