An early 4:20. Reserved for hardcore smokers.
"I heard you were part of the 2:15 club."
by Nick Shady December 12, 2007
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The time of night after the bars (2:15 a.m.) close and guys cruise around yelling 'say girl' and 'holla' at young ladies.
Jen likes to leave the bar a little early to avoid the 2:15 Holla.
by bri-man February 9, 2007
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A common term used when buying weed. It refers to a deal in which a dealer chops 2 grams for 15 dollars instead of the standard 20.
s-town kid: yo nigga call up yo boi and get some kaya yo
s-town kid2: aight nigga ima call him u wana get a 2 for 15
s-town kid: yea man fosho
by Ryan H.3 July 24, 2006
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Essentially means 2 sawbucks which are (.5 grams) for $15. The equvialent of a dub but for $5 less. 2 (.5 grams) for $15
Yo tadoe run 2 for the 15.
Bet slide through.
by Moviedudedrew May 31, 2017
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