To do something. A contraction of fixing to.
I'm fixing to nuke a burrito.

I funna nuke a burrito.
by MrWhat August 7, 2003
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Fixin' to as in getting ready to do something.
I funna go to the store in ten minutes if you want some hot wings.
by Barelyoutofblue December 9, 2005
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funna: action of doing something. also known as finna. also look for evolution of this word which makes it a slang of a slang example: Funsa or Finsa meaning the same thing.
yo I'm Funna roll to the store wanna ride.

I'm finna get paid on friday fool!

that B!tC# is getting on my nerves I'm funsa beat here A$$.

I'm Finsa eat some fried chicken you want some or I'm Funna eat it all!
by (Anwar ) Plan-A-Emcee May 19, 2005
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Meaning: Going to go do something
Mostly used by the hip-hop culture to shorten the above meaning.
I funna hit up that coochy today.
Man that sounds good to me, I funna go smack sum heads boi!
AH YEAH BOI! I funna do that later tho.
by h1vltg3d May 12, 2008
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Combination of fittin and gunna. To speak about completing a task in the future.
by Kevin December 2, 2003
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