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A being superior to others financially, socially, and intellectually. Attends Cherry Creek High School, and makes six figures look like pocket change.
Man I wish I was a creeker, then I could be better than everyone.
by Kevin April 26, 2005
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A smart beautiful person who has talents in sports and just about everything else and flaunts their "creek mystique". Everybody pretty much hates them.
Damn it, those creekers won the football game again.
by Bob sexy joe June 11, 2005
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An amazing person that attends Cherry Creek High School. Creekers are usually thought to be ridiculously rich kids who get everything they want, this however this is not true. We just get mostly everything we want. We think its funny that other schools have creek days and dress in country club attire. We're sorry we're so good at sports. And we're sorry we almost always win.
Be jealous
Those creekers are unbeatable at tennis, we're all jealous of the creekers
by Lucy [the creeker] August 29, 2008
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Used in the Southern United States of America to refer to a back-woods, inbred person, whose mama and papa were blood relatives. Always massively ignorant and always dumb as a post. Physically they appear strange, almost always with wide-spaced eyes and black hair, due to their inbred genetic deformities.
That Little gal was a creeker, so he supposed now one would give a damn if he took her back to his shack and gave her a header.
by Unka Willbur August 25, 2010
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A snobby brat who gets whatever they want. You can find a Creeker, at the mall blowing daddies money or driving around in their new Lexus, or throwing major parties at their multi-million dollar estates.
by John May 06, 2005
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A person who lives around or works on the boats near Comptons creek in Belford, NJ
Barry works on a boat in Comptons creek, he's such a creeker!!!
by Caines Daddy November 20, 2017
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Dirty, trailer park people. Ususally the guys have mullets and the girls have pink finger nails and blonde hair with black roots. They are generally seen with babies in diapers with dirty feet and faces following them around. They are found in Tampa, Florida. They like to shop at Wal Mart and the flea market. May possibly hang out at 7-11 with bare feet.
That creeker bought her wedding dress at the Wal Mart!!
by Billy Jo and Bobby Sue May 01, 2007
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