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That's how teenagers write "cellphone" nowadays. Because, y'know, it's used for selfies more often than for calls.
Where's my selphone? I need to take a selfie next to my passing grandma!
by KenM January 18, 2016
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A guy whose semen does not taste bad and is actually quite enjoyable to swallow, as opposed to the usual "routine" taste of male ejaculate.
- Oh yeah I'm going to cum, open your mouth!
- No! Not in there!
- Don't worry, I'm a cummy bear.
by KenM February 16, 2021
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A falafel that tastes really REALLY bad. Usually sold at the same place you'd buy a khav kalash and crab juice.

Can also be confused with wawfulles.
- Yo dude, that falafel we had at Basha's... gave me the shits.
- I know, right? 'Twas falawful.
by KenM November 3, 2015
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or "vedg" in French is a Quebec short for "vegetable", used as an insult for a mentally-retarded person.
- Yo, gars, ta soeur est tellement vedge! - Ta yeule!
("Hey, dude, your sister's such a moron!" "Shut up!")
by KenM May 14, 2015
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Similar to "fap", "shlik" and "slodge", a sexual onomatopoeia used to describe the act of deep-throating (or deepthroat fucking) one's penis and choking on it. Can more often than not provoke vomit or vomiting reflex.
*splorge* *splorge* *splorge* GHAAAAWWK- *panting*
by KenM November 8, 2015
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The act of waiting for an average individual to vote for you out of spontaneous lack of choice so that you can be elected next President because "who else". Also used in a sentence "Joe was biding his time, so one can say that time was well Biden".
Nurse: Joe Biding please report in for vaccination. I repeat, Joe Biding-
Biden: I'm Joe Biden, ma'm.
Nurse: Well, you have been joe biding a lot to miss on my calls, Mr. Presient, have you? Lemme give you a complementary back rub.
by KenM February 16, 2021
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The Russian analogue of Vine, pronounced "Cobb" (although by the rules of the English language pronouncing it "cube" would make much more sense). Adored by Russian schoolkids who like to loop stupid music to even stupider unrelated videos and call it a "meme". If you value your time - avoid this service.
- So I went on this Coub (pronounces it as "cube") and posted th-
- Shut up!
by KenM November 8, 2015
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