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Same as "amen", as in "amen to that", but sounding cooler. Was widely used around 2005, then got old.
Chick 1: "Justin Bieber got so manly!"
Chick 2: "Preach!"
by KenM November 03, 2015

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The Russian analogue of Vine, pronounced "Cobb" (although by the rules of the English language pronouncing it "cube" would make much more sense). Adored by Russian schoolkids who like to loop stupid music to even stupider unrelated videos and call it a "meme". If you value your time - avoid this service.
- So I went on this Coub (pronounces it as "cube") and posted th-
- Shut up!
by KenM January 11, 2016

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Something you enjoyed as a kid, and then, when growing up, thought that it wasn't worth that much. But once you get old, you realize that the happiest days of your life were the childhood days, and the things you did as a kid were the best. Otherwise, it means you have to enjoy the little things in life, instead of waiting for the big things, as there may be none.
- Why did you eat like two bread slices at the all you can eat buffet? You should've taken more.
- The little things, my man, the little things...
by KenM January 04, 2016

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That's how teenagers write "cellphone" nowadays. Because, y'know, it's used for selfies more often than for calls.
Where's my selphone? I need to take a selfie next to my passing grandma!
by KenM April 29, 2016

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1. The way Russians write and pronounce "sweatshirt", often used in public chat and can detect a Russian chatter (though they would likely write "svitshot" instead).
2. An act of taking a shot of 40% alcohol, immediately followed by a candy, a toffee/chocolate or just plain teaspoon of sugar in one's mouth. Doesn't reduce the taste of alcohol, but rather boosts up your blood sugar instead.
3. A hashtag used on Twitter and Instagram (#sweetshot) by amateur photographers in order to attract attention to a certain picture they've just taken, just because they took it from beneath their leg opening while being crotched, at a 45-degree angle and used a double sepia filter prior.
1. - Look at him wear a sweetshot! - Are you from Russia?
2. Grab some candy, quick! We'll make a sweetshot!
3. Yo, check out my (hashtag)sweetshot of those leaves on the ground. I'm important, right?
by KenM January 11, 2016

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A week on which October 31 usually falls within one year. It starts with costume craze and ends with tons of candy on sale. Some also consider smoking halloweed.
- Yo, Halloween is coming up!
- I know, bro. Gonna be one crazy halloweek!
by KenM October 04, 2016

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A falafel that tastes really REALLY bad. Usually sold at the same place you'd buy a khav kalash and crab juice.

Can also be confused with wawfulles.
- Yo dude, that falafel we had at Basha's... gave me the shits.
- I know, right? 'Twas falawful.
by KenM January 04, 2016

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