Overused word used by hipsters to add tags to everything they do.
Guy: Hey, sup?
Crush: OMG. Hashtag chillin'. Hashtag Friday. Hashtag Shopping. Hash-
Guy: O.K. I' done here.
by French Swan April 7, 2015
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Let's not even set an example for this annoying fad #hashtag #stupid
by Shitbrick1502 June 13, 2013
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A hashtag is a stupid thing people put in front of random words for no reason. It is just the pound sign you can find it on social networks like Facebook or Twitter. It is just another 21st century made up thing.
A hashtag is,
by Hanna Forman July 5, 2013
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The process of trying to unload your drugs on your friends when you are pulled over by the police. Whoever you throw the drugs to then tries to throw the drugs to another friend similar to the childhood game of Hot Potato. The game ends when the cop walks up to the car window.
We were high as Cheech and Chong and driving to Humboldt when due to the sound of the police siren we had to play an epic game of hashtag.
by El Camino Real August 9, 2013
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1) (v) to attract, through social media, attention to political issues so important to you that you are ready to go on a crusade in order to defend said issues.

2) (n): something that, prior to the advent of the social media phenomenon, was known as a 'pound key') on your phone.
I am going to hashtag ''Mitt Romney for president'', and no i won't press the hashtag-pound key- on my phone, because it doesn't serve any purpose.
by Sexydimma October 10, 2014
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Its a tag used to talk about an especif subject on twitter.
Once all the users use it, it gets a lot easier to search subjects at the http://search.twitter.com/
#bailout I cant believe they're refusing the deal.

In this case, the hashtag is #bailout.
by danielemarques September 29, 2008
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Relate-able experience, following the status quo, something that many people do and would tweet about if they had the means to at the time
Today was so hashtag.
by Thathoodratshi August 29, 2013
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