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Stoners Halloween. Involves alot of weed, hence the weed part in halloweed. Loved by many {including me}.
It's Halloweed, fuck trick or treatign we got weed lol.
by Brittany K December 22, 2006
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Instead of going out trick-or-treating on Halloween which is on October 31st and getting lame candy, switch it around and have Halloweed sometime in June. So then people will be handing out green, cigarettes, and beer.
Instead of coughing from some old hard candy that you just choked on, you can be coughing from a nice long joint you just got.
by Matt. H. April 14, 2005
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The holiday occasion of Halloween, when you sit around with your friends and family sharing a blunt
Hey bro, how pumped are you for Halloweed?
by Highmarch'03 November 16, 2015
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