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combination of "so" and "weird" leaving no need to waste precious time by saying "so weird"

"that bitch is sweird"
that little gamer fag is sweird. all he does is jack off all day
by asstaster1010 June 27, 2006
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A person named Tiffany is rather sweird . This person named Tiffany is insanely into skeletons... She has shoes that have little skeletons on it... When she builds a space shuttle in the future she will call it SPACE SHUTTLE KEYSHAR and also send a OLED TV to her frend that she named the shuttle after....
by k1onoadt July 22, 2008
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That which is beyond weird, strange to the point of absurd. A contraction of "so weird".
Jay Leno was once considers funny??!!! That's sweird!!!!
by MockingbrdOfLove April 21, 2015
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unofficial contraction of the words, "It's weird" or "That's weird"
also can be used as a contraction of the words "So weird"
Ex. "You grew a nose on your forehead? S'weird!"
Ex. "You farted out glitter yesterday? That's s'weird"
by grayed1 August 29, 2017
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An adjective used to describe something that is both "sweet" and "weird". Often used in response to an amusingly shocking statement.
- So I got hooked up with that pretty college teen last night. Fucked her hair real hard.
- Sweird!

- How does that pizza taste with maple syrup on top?
- Sweird...
by KenM January 03, 2016
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A combination of 'that's' and 'weird' used when you're too lazy to say both words individually.
Me: Woah! Did you see that! ?
You: Yeah, sweird.
by TurdNugget June 24, 2015
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