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maxi madame(riccuci)! the french teacher, cause she has maxi pmsing problems
"i hope maxi never sees this or she'll give me detetion and eat me during it!"
by Kelsey April 6, 2005
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a small, and witty tennis player. He's of a family from china. He is my buddy, and despite my buddiness towards him, i can't help but laugh at him, i can't understand if it's what he's wearing or all the fun times we've had, to pull a "jurgon" would be to do something totaly stupid, and totaly black. such things could include: walking like a penguin, eating eggs with soysauce, and eating xbox games---don't ask ;)
laura: "hey how are u"
me: "good, i want to cover my car in hellokitty stickers."
laura: "OMG, ur dumb, such jurgon muck."
by Kelsey December 1, 2004
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sex (duhh) or anything close to that... like horny, ect.
u make me wanna lala
in the kitchen on the floor
i'll be ur french maid
when i meet u at the door
im like an alley cat
drink the milk up
i want more
u make me wanna scream!
by Kelsey April 6, 2005
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a sometimes bitchy sister that is buff and short and trendy
complains about too much leg muscle AND her clothes don't match
by Kelsey February 28, 2003
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Take a step outside the city
And turn around
Take a look at what you are
It is revolting
You're really nowhere
So wasteful
So foolish
-Nirvana, "Turnaround"
by Kelsey March 28, 2004
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