A threat by your mother or father to do something and if you don't your likely to die
by JasperTheBaker June 13, 2017
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Used sarcastically when you don't want something to happen or something bad already happened. Can be used interchangeably with "one would hope", "hopefully so" or "I'm hoping so". It occasionally can be used to express a neutral emotion as well, especially with a sense of indifference.
Jack: Bro, your girlfriend just cheated on you.
Elliot: I hope so.

Ivan: Janie, you just ran through three red lights!!
Janie: I hope so.
by probably_jenkins May 23, 2022
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When someone is being a complete ass to you and is trying to guilt you. They really mean "I hope you're anything but happy".
"You fucking asshole. I hope you're happy."
by Highedpiper March 9, 2015
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a phrase(used usualy in anger) expressed towards a dumb ass hole,who realy deserves it.
Lucas you are so gay i hope you die!
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"i hope you soap" is a way of saying i hope you are happy today!
by osijfowijwgj March 29, 2021
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Funny answer to someone saying "I'm coming". When someone says "I'm coming", the person probably means that he/she soon will be where the other person is, be that the physical spot or on the server they're going to play on. But "to come" can also mean naughtier things, which the respondant takes advantage of.
walkie: Wait for me, I'm coming!
Static: I hope not in ur mouth !1!! :D :D
by Aleksander May 29, 2005
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I hope you step on a LEGO” is a phrase often used as a retort in rage comics and reaction images to express one’s resentment towards someone who has done something unpleasant as to deserve punishment or ill-fortune, such as accidentally stepping on a LEGO brick.
A: I hope you burn in hell!
B: Bitch please!
A: I hope you step on a Lego!
B: Don't ever say that again, you sick bastard.
by sirwoo June 15, 2013
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