When one eats out a girl who's on her period
I totally was eating eggs last night. Messy, yet full of protein.
by ReadyWHipp January 5, 2018
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when you entirely peel a hard boiled egg and eat it while holding it in your hand a la jeremy irons in die hard 3 when hes talking to maclean right after he shoots samuel l jackson in the leg.
I'm eating eggs like jeremy irons
by ronnie_e September 23, 2009
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"Eggs" was slang in the 1920s for "rich". The term "eat the rich" has been gaining traction from young millennials and zoomers as a meme. Since the 20s are coming around again as the 2020s, "eat the eggs" seems like the only logical response to rich humans.
An egg: "Taxing the rich is insensitive. People who don't work for their money deserve to starve."

A person: "Looks like it's time to eat the eggs."
by littlemilodog December 16, 2019
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The almighty question of asking for the action of the devouring of a raw egg.
Wanna go down 8 vic later??
nah what would you do if i said would u rather eat a raw egg?
by Leo mclenan November 19, 2022
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A comedic phrase said by someone, usually without reason, can also be used as an insult
by Weekfour July 30, 2021
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