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Usually done by females, the hover mode is the position assumed when not wanting to place your pristine ass cheeks on a nasty, germy, disgusting toilet seat (i.e. any porta-potty, or the toilets in Grand Central Station)

This position is maintained the entire time business is being taken care of and often results in making a further mess of said toilet seat, causing future users of said toilet to also utilize Hover Mode, compounding the problem.
Jill would nearly throw up at the idea of using a porta-potty, but, last week, at the County Fair, she absolutely could not hold it, and so had to go into Hover Mode and use the porta-potty
by Kalisiin April 13, 2014
A fart blown in retaliation for someone else's fart blown previously...the revenge fart is blown in the vicinity of the previous offender to get even with them for their earlier fart.
Dave blew a fart at our card game a couple hours ago, so, later on, at the party, I stood near Dave and blew a revenge fart.
by Kalisiin June 5, 2011
When a major part on your car goes kablooey.

Not used for minor stuff, like a belt or hose, but major stuff, like an engine or transmission.
John: Hey, Ben, are you taking Julie to the drive-in on Friday?

Ben: No, man, my car had a part attack.
by Kalisiin February 19, 2013
Someone on an Internet Forum Board, who repeatedly harasses another person, intending to drive them off the Forum, and/or ruining the entire Internet experience of the target by following them to other boards to continue the harassment.

Griefers are adept at following Forum rules while violating their spirit...or have managed to ingratiate themselves with Administrators, so that they rarely get punished for their actions.

Griefers are basically cowards who hide behind a screen name and would not have the sack to say to anyone's face, what they say to people online.

Tactics used by griefers:

1. Making "clever" comments - Making carefully crafted nasty comments to or about another member. The comments stay within the rules while violating the spirit of the rules.

2. Gang-banging or dogpiling: Recruiting others (usually their online friends) into joining them in targeting the victim.

3. Flame-baiting: See #1 above - done in order to goad the victim into responding in a manner in violation of the rules, out of anger - causing the victim to then be punished/banned by the Forum Administrator (pets of Forum Admins frequently do this and get away with it.)

4. Stalking: After driving the target off the Forum, following them to other Forums to continue the attacks.

5. Drive-by: Signing up under a different name in order to take a cheap shot at the target. Griefers also frequently use other tactics, including using a fake IP address when griefing, in order to avoid punishment.
Joe flames John on every Forum John goes to. He is such a griefer!
by Kalisiin December 28, 2011
The itchy, annoying, smelly, totally unnecessary sweat that builds up in your asscrack, just above your asshole (where you'd grow a tail if you had one) - usually on hot days, or after strenuous physical exercise - or all the time on fat people.
I wish they'd come up with an anti-perspirant specifically for crack sweat!
by Kalisiin February 25, 2011
A person who is able to ignore even the strongest urge to pee, if he happens to be engaged in playing a video game at the moment.
Oh, man, Darrell is such a pee pauser...do you know he sat down in front of his X-Box for ten hours straight, never once got up to go to the bathroom?
by Kalisiin September 26, 2010
The act of avoiding roadkill by steering so that your wheels go on either side of the dead animal, which passes harmlessly under your car.
I was driving the back roads the other day, and came across a dead skunk in the road. I didn't want it's stink or road smush on my tires, so I did a rural field goal.
by Kalisiin September 22, 2012