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Usually done by females, the hover mode is the position assumed when not wanting to place your pristine ass cheeks on a nasty, germy, disgusting toilet seat (i.e. any porta-potty, or the toilets in Grand Central Station)

This position is maintained the entire time business is being taken care of and often results in making a further mess of said toilet seat, causing future users of said toilet to also utilize Hover Mode, compounding the problem.
Jill would nearly throw up at the idea of using a porta-potty, but, last week, at the County Fair, she absolutely could not hold it, and so had to go into Hover Mode and use the porta-potty
by Kalisiin April 12, 2014

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A person who is able to ignore even the strongest urge to pee, if he happens to be engaged in playing a video game at the moment.
Oh, man, Darrell is such a pee pauser...do you know he sat down in front of his X-Box for ten hours straight, never once got up to go to the bathroom?
by Kalisiin September 26, 2010

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