January 1 is the Day of the GODs if you were born on January in a few years your a genius, everybody thinks your hot and tall
If your were born on January 1 your a true Genius
by JUANDA 99999999^99999999 IQ November 3, 2019
Well it’s New Years! Time to get a good start. Be yourself 90% for the whole day! Be open (INCLUDING YOU QUIET PEOPLE)
Friend: why is she acting so cute and clumsy today?
Friend 2: well it’s January 1st....
by Bobbie :) December 18, 2019
New Years Day and also a day all the Bad Bitches was born !
Oh shit it’s January 1 and it’s my birthday bitchhh!
by Lillie badd October 19, 2019
National kiss your girlfriend day. Tell her that you love her more than she knows. Go cuddle. Watch the office on Netflix with her.
Friend: Do you know what day it is!!!

Me: No what day is it?!
Friend: it’s January 1! National kiss your girlfriend day!!
by Gokissheryoustupidboy!!! December 29, 2020
The baddest Birthday of all!!! New year? New man! New year? New bitch! Get some dick and watch that ball drop... Happy birthday hoe;)
January 1? I heard that’s the best day of the year!
by naughtyclaws101 October 22, 2019
Today is the day where you make new year’s resolutions that you will never complete and drop all of your old thots day.
Him: Why don’t you talk to me?

Me: it’s January 1 sorry dude
by aNoNaThOt October 19, 2019