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When some boy or a man act very feminized and has behavior that is more appropriate for the female gender like gesturing or liking some things that it is not usually for guys to like ( such as makeup, fashion, etc.).When that boy or a man decided to change and to start acting and liking things that guys usually like(such as football ,beer etc) we could say that he Man up himself
John: Remember my neighbor Jack?
Joseph: Of course,that guy who everyone thinks is gay because of his effeminacy?
John,Yeah that guy,he actually Man up himself,he started to gym,he got muscles and he started to go on football matches
Joseph: Wow,he really man up himself
by Kaivosguy11 April 10, 2020
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Alcoholic Blackout is a term for a memory loss after drinking too much alcohol.People who experience alcoholic blackouts often does not remember anything they did or anything that happen in a period after they start drinking.
Mark: Dude,do you remember last night when you try seduce my mother
Joseph: No,what?

Mark: You drank to much last night,probably you experienced an alcoholic blackout
by Kaivosguy11 May 23, 2020
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Usually a very pretty boy,more or less aesthetic with curly hair.Sk8er boy with bunch of male and female fans all around the state where Kaivos decided to live in.Very much into old songs and singers such as Kurt Cobain,Beatles,Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Lana Del Rey.Adore black color,chains on clothes and t-shirts with logos of some old bands mentioned above.Probably part of LGBT but more into girls than boys.Choose only one person to talk with and completely ignore other people although he told that he will talk with everybody.You will never see him into public because he will never leave his house or sometimes he can even be fake profile
Sally: Today i put poll on my Instagram story that i wanna talk w someone and many cute boys answer that story but i only reply to one boy

Kate: OMG you acting like Kaivos
by Kaivosguy11 September 01, 2019
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When one person doesn’t take enough of what is given to that specific person in his/her life,that person does not use its potentials and opportunities in life, the reason for that might be be depression or anxiety or simpy laziness
Sara: I heard that Mike have so much potential for becoming a professional football player but he is so lazy to go on trainings

Eva: Omg he is so Life-Like

Example 2

Sara: Did you know that Joseph have big talent for creating arts but since he enrolled in high school he is depressed and doesn’t practice his art skills very often

Eva: Oh,depressions makes him so Life-Like
by Kaivosguy11 January 16, 2020
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A Sole Survivor is a term that defines a person who only survived some terrible accident,meaning that from a certain number of people ,only one person survived
Sally: Did you heard about that deadly plane crash that happened two days ago?
Karen: Of course,i heard that teenage girl Melissa is a Sole Survivor
by Kaivosguy11 May 20, 2020
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When a series is over or got cancelled without explaining some unfinished things that was left uncleared after ending of the last episode of the previous season and you are sure that there will not be another season to explain those certain things(due to rumors on internet or creators of the series themselves told that there will not be another season)
Maria: Did you know that i watched my favorite series for all three seasons and then last episode of the third season ended with unfinished cliffhanger,creators of the series admitted that there will not be fourth season to explain some things that was left uncleared after end of third season

Julie: Gosh,i hate when that happens,that's why i stopped watching series and started watching movies only,movies usually does not have unfinished cliffhanger
by Kaivosguy11 March 16, 2020
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You often say this sentence to someone when you strongly relate with their problems because you more likely had this problem before or you still have it
Maria: I'm diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety
Julie: That hit close to home
by Kaivosguy11 May 23, 2020
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