to enroll.
to join up, enlist in, become part of. Most commonly referred to when one become a student and signs up for classes in college.
I just got done signing up for classes at Northern Kentucky today.
by Ryan October 25, 2004
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The most awesome form of education that ever came into existence.
When a high school student can take college classes, and with those classes, can earn both high school credit and college credit. The government is trying to make it cost money, but as of now, it is free in a lot of U.S. states, including Florida. (However, scholarships will probably cover it in the near future).
Dual enrollment is surprisingly easier than AP or IB, especially since it usually takes place at community or state colleges.
It is also a great preparation for "real college" (as in, college after high school).
Person1: Johnny is $100,000 in college debt? Wow...

Person2: Yeah, I guess he's stuck taking out loans for 4 full years of college because he didn't take advantage of dual enrollment.

Person1: That's dumb. Yeah, I started college as a junior because dual enrollment earned me an AA Degree before I graduated high school.
by pulcino September 11, 2013
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to withdraw; take ones name out of the running; usually used in the context of college admissions
I will de-enroll from bowling class later today, because I can't handle the stress.
by Clemtiger12 January 22, 2009
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(Adj.) Backward, Primitive, Inefficient, Preposterous, Foolish

(Noun) An extensive computer network full of useless surfing policies and poor server integrity.
Kira, don't be My La Salle Online Enrollment. You're bringing yourself down.
by Meg@tron July 27, 2007
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