When you've been at it with the missus all night and it's time to get ready for work... a disciplined man will leave the scene and face his responsibilities while letting her know that is there is definitely some unfinished jizzness...
Mate, me and Karen were like animals all night, haven't slept.. only reason we stopped and I got to work on time, was because we agreed there was unfinished jizzness...

... (pause..... )

...... you reckon the gaffer will give me a half day... ;P
by JamboLAD September 5, 2021
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What happens when you go for a shit and are interrupted or otherwise forced to finish early, and then you return to the bathroom at a later time.
by mregina January 6, 2016
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The not-completely-wiped asshole or the act of tossing the salad of someone with said asshole.
Phyllis nearly threw up when she licked Chris' asshole and discovered that he had an unfinished basement. She promptly bought him an extra roll of TP.
by JotaBug June 28, 2009
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The lost lore of Middle-Earth, with notes and an introduction by Christopher Tolkien.
The Unfinished Tales are essential in the collection of Tolkien literature.
by Larstait November 21, 2003
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