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a stereoytpe used by social/political conservatives to describe gay men being promiscuous, drinking, bar hopping, using drugs, cross-dressing and orgies. However, heterosexual men and women engage in these most of these behaviors as swingers, during beach week and spring break, in Las Vegas, on Miami's South Beach and at fraternity and sorority parties.
"Gay lifestyle is used by conservative homophobes to vilify gay people. When people are asked what gay lifestyle means most of them will only mention things that elicit a negative response: Drinking, drugs, promiscuity, cross-dressing, bar hopping and orgies."

They seem to neglect the fact most of these things (with the possible exception of cross dressing) are parts of straight society as well." Sketchy Mess Jeoffery
by K Joyce October 29, 2009
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This phrase tends to be only used by individuals who are outside of the lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) community and either do not support LGB individuals, are not appropriately educated about LGB individuals and their concerns, or do not realize its negative effects. To describe a person’s sexual identity as a lifestyle is inappropriate because it reduces LGB people down to this one aspect of who they are as people. In addition, this phrase does not make space for the diversity that exists among lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals and how LGB individuals may live their lives very differently from one another, just like heterosexuals.
Person A: The gay lifestyle is so weird!
Person B: You mean sleeping, waking up, making coffee and going to work?
by BiChristine June 13, 2011
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