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1 A female with a nice body, to which whom a person using the term won't decline to make love.

Apparent eighties term, much used in the novel American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis.

2 A very muscular body (mostly a man's)

3 A kind of pickup truck.
1 Last night, I rented a movie called Inside Lydia’s Ass and .. I watched as Lydia – a totally tan bleached blonde hardbody with a perfect ass and great full tits ..(American Psycho)

2 Because of years of working out, John has a genuine hardbody.

3 Twenty-four contestants compete in an endurance/sleep deprivation contest in order to win a brand new Nissan Hardbody truck. (IMDB on Hands on a Hardbody: The Documentary)
by quisp January 06, 2005
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to be 'tough' or 'gangsta'; refusal to backdown
"You don't wanna fawk with me...I'm hardbody"
by Colin F. August 20, 2005
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hard body is a TERM that describes a person place or thing.So its meaning is dependent upon its usage and context.

1.Slang word used to describe the extreme niceness or liking of something; exaggeration of the slang word fresh,gangsta;hot;etc.
2.ruthless;thuggish;mean; a goon; a gangster; etc.
Hard body

*"I came up in that party hard body"
>Used to describe someones aura.
*"That new 2005 Benz SLK is hard body"
>Used to describe the nicness of a car.
by Makne February 20, 2005
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1) An attractive female with an athletic physique. This usually describes a woman who goes to a gym to control and define her body's shape, but not necessarily the extreme muscles of a female body builder.

2) a Physically attractive person.
She's one hard body.
by anim8er June 20, 2006
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A sexy male or female with toned muscles (tight abs, nice biceps, etc.)
Did you see that rollerskater? What a hardbody, yum!
by ChrisFox February 10, 2013
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