A Romanian gipsy who hates Messi because he obliterated his idol Penaldo many times. Twain frequently posts on /sp/, a board on 4chan discussing sports. He is recognizable by his anti messi posting whenever Penaldo is having a shit game under different flags because he pays for VPN to shitpost on 4chan (the absolute state of him) and has many aliases depending on what flag he posts under. Usually posts under Serbian proxy (Twainovic) and Sudaca proxies (Twainandez, mostly Argentinian proxy to make Argentinians look retarded and sometimes his Uruguayan proxy). Goes into a meltdown whenever Messi is having a good game and starts accusing everyone as Alfonso (His schizophrenic boogeyman) whenever someone is defending Messi
Alphonso isn't real Twain, seek help

Oh great, PSG lost, Twain is having a field day today

O TWAINANDEZ, stop using your sudaca proxies, you're not fooling anyone
by Baseduncu March 10, 2022
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Judy won't leave me alone, shes such a fucking twain.
Stop being such a twain.
Bonnie-"Mommy! Suzy called me a twain!!". Mom- " You are a twain"
by Sarahahaha! October 11, 2005
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An insult used to insinuate that an opinion does not matter or hold credence.

The term is derived from the phrase "my two cents" in an attempt to use sarcasm and irony to convey the lack of personal interest the speaker of the word holds for another's opinion.
"Nobody respects your twain garbage"

"Thank you for sharing your twain *sarcasm*, now I am going to go and do something that is useful"

"Keep your twain to yourself"
by scraz51_again September 10, 2009
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The length of your buttcrack spanning from your asshole to the small of your back.
My Twain was chaffed because my thong underwear was too small.
by Thomas M. Pace July 23, 2008
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The rather obvious portmanteaus of brain + Twitter. To communicate directly via the brain's electrical impulses through Twitter. Reference:
Brain-Twitter project offers hope to paralyzed .
He can't phone me because he's quadriplegic, so he's twaining me.
by xrd1 April 23, 2009
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A Portmanteau of the words Two and Pain, usually meaning a body part was painfully snapped or split into more than one piece.
by Dinjoralo May 24, 2011
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Technical term realting to devices such as scanners attached to computers.
TWAIN stands for
Technology Without An Interesting Name.
No shit.
And now we'll just grab that picture from the mag via your twain scanner.
by w00x January 8, 2004
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