Any of the students from the Mark Twain School for "Special Kids". Any Mark Twain kid that got arrested or in juvenille court system.
I heard he's a Twainiac, he stole a few cars before coming here.
by GBurgNupe August 24, 2004
A current or former student of the Mark Twain School for problem kids in Rockville, Maryland. Any student of an alternative school.
You can see twainiacs being arrested on "COPS" or on "Jerry Springer"
by K Joyce September 19, 2007
Twainiacs were thrilled when Shania took to the stage.
by Greg Davis August 10, 2007
A former student of the mark twain school, which featured grades 7 through 12 and offered kids who were coded as emotionally disturbed (nutty) a place to run amok with other such unbalanced and often dangerous fools. The school is located in rockville Maryland next to a large forest area. Staff members often restrained students physically then went home and masturbated to the memory of it. Mark Twain would be the last place you might want you're child to end up unless you were grooming them for a circus side show act.
That child just beat up that other child with a trash can, i think they might send him to Mark twain, what a twainiac he will be indeed!
by truth fan November 3, 2009