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When an action automatically happens and you are amazed how it happened.
The words automagically tabed in the Microsoft Word document when I clicked ok.
by Jpaschen September 14, 2010

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When you fart during the climax during sex.
Erica Climaxthundered the other night, causing Joel to stop and not satisfy either of them.
by Jpaschen November 09, 2010

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When a hobo realizes that he will have a meal to eat in the near future. Or when a hobo climax's during a hoborgy.
Reggie the hobo had a hoborgasm the other day when he got invited to a Thanksgiving dinner. He got invited by having a real orgasm with the dinner host.
by Jpaschen September 15, 2010

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An old time homosexual who was the 'hardcore' type of gay. Not the fancy drama type.
Back in my day, there were homofancies, not those fancy homosexuals with featherbeds and thread count sheets.
by Jpaschen July 19, 2010

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The natural lubricant created at your genitals when you look at boobs.
When Dana took her top off, Ethan was forming so much boobricant, you could see a stain on his shorts.
by Jpaschen November 16, 2015

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The feeling of being unable to escape a stalker.
Maddie felt discomfiture towards the douchebag that kept stalking her.
by Jpaschen September 26, 2010

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The action of when a person who is under 21 years old asks a person who is 21 years old or over to purchase alcohol for them.
Luke just alcohol bootycalled me. I go make a trip to the liquor store.
by Jpaschen November 17, 2014

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