boys who listen to pretensious 'youve probably never heard of them' bands, dress with more care and style than most girls, read in depth books, while sipping on low fat lattes before they take their vespa home. their hair, a specail point of interest is usually styled to look unkempt, jet black, wooshed over to the side. they are generally tall and thin. they appreciate the arts. they KNOW just how much cooler than the rest of us they are
i know lots and lots of emo boys.. they took over my favorite cafe.
by bonnie August 7, 2004
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A guy, usually between the ages of 15-30, who listens to emo music and have many of the characteristics commonly affiliated with emo people. They usually have semi-long jet black hair that covers about 1/3 of their face (including one of their eyes), may or may not wear eyeliner, and wear rather tight clothing, including tight jeans and tight shirts/sweaters, usually band merchandise. Many also have studded belts, and tend to like Converse or Vans shoes.

Now, about their personality. They usually have a bit of a feminine personality, expressing feelings quite openly, and not really caring about how "tough" they are, as most average guys do. Many are artistically talented, and like to write poetry and songs, or even draw/paint. It is often stereotyped that emo boys cut themselves, but actually, most don't. Those that do, though, do NOT do it simply for attention. They do it because of actual emotional issues they're dealing with. Otherwise they're simply emo posers.

They more often that not are very nice and respectful towards other people. However, most likely they would not be respected by many guys since upon first glance they'll think they're gay. I see this as ignorance, as in fact, most emo boys are NOT gay. Sure, some might be, but more often than not, they're either bi or just straight. Emo boys get along very well with girls for this reason, as girls not only share many of their views, but are also undeniably attracted to them.

I myself share some of the characteristics associated with emo boys. I like emo music, have a slightly soft personality, and get along well with girls. But, unlike the bad stereotypes given to emo boys, I do not cut, nor am I gay or bi. I want people to understand that emos are not all about being depressed and hating themselves. It's just an aspect of your personality that is often anti-stereotypical to an average guy's behavior.
"That emo boy over there is talking to another girl again. They both seem happy, and I'm sure the girl likes him too. I can see why."
by SomeBadJoke July 24, 2006
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Dresses better than most girls, uses more makeup than most girls, cries more than most girls, basically, a girl but on a much bigger scale.
emo boy: i'm sad
dude: get a fucking life and a job while ur at it, u toolbag
emo boy: *starts to cry*
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
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A male person, typically between the ages of 20 to 35, whose lugubrial nature is firmly entrenched within a policy of excessively up-to-date fashions and self-apologetic philosophies. While it may seem that the emo boy is a sensitive and sincere archetype, most instances are typically narcissistically and oedipally motivated approval-seekers by nature who achieve catharsis with the perpetual maintenence and acknowledgement of a perfectly inoffensive facade as subconsciously and consciously constructed by the emo boy himself. The emo boy is a child of the women's rights movement through the mid-to-late twentieth century and the wrongfully antagonistic public perceptions associated with modern feminism; emo boys gather much of their inspiration from the more nihilistic aspects of 1980's rock/punk bands, typically due to it's prolifically morose tones and androgynous fashions. In other words, the emo boy is a xy chromosome-based apology for the sinful excesses of a patriarchal society, achieved chiefly through the adoption of more stereotypically feminine traits while outwardly denying identification with the more stereotypically bad male attributes and behaviours. Non-muscular, distant, quietly vain, sensitive, nice, cultured, apologetic, and intimately dark; the emo boy chooses to correlate as closely as possible to the label of 'deep' through careful censorship and grooming, rather than by way of erudition and direct illumination (which could be viewed as adversarial or condescending) even though the average emo boy displays a higher capacity for intellect than most other male fashion-identifiable cliques.
Too shy to speak to her directly, the emo boy watched the dancing object of his adoration from a darkened booth and reflected bitterly upon the futility of his love-life.
by forlorn poet August 10, 2004
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An emo boy is a boy of many emotions ussualy we can be hyper, happy, sad, or just none emotionaly, not all of us like to show off our emotions but at least we have them. some of us tend to wear girls pants, tight or fairly tight t-shirts either black or other random colours. We have ussualy black shaggy hair that covers our face or some of us have a fauxhawk that is swept to the side. some of us wear eyeliner and nail polish and some dont what ever floats ure boat, we tend to wear either chucks or vans shoes, some of us like to wear an asortment of braclets or wrist bands.
although some do most dont slit there wrists for no reason, some have a reason but w.e.
bands alot of us like to listen to include, silverstein, the used, mcr, hawthorne heights, these are some of the more mainstream bands. some underground bands or barly mainstream ones are, greeley estates, hotcross, saetia, fall of troy, blood brothers, circle takes the square.

this is the ussual example of and emo boy, from my perspective. lol i seem like a professor or something give a lecure on this lol
emo boy1: hey man did u hear the blood brothers new album
emo boy2: ya they kik ass. what do u think of the fall of troy.
by XemoXboyX April 17, 2006
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--Lets start with the head: Oh so pretty jet black beautiful hair thats long in the front and short and spikey in the back. Some wear eyeliner to enhance their already seXy eyes. Although some dont, they are still beautiful. They usually have their ear(s) pierced with occasional gages. Possible facial piercings as well. Such as eye brows, lips, tongues, noses... etc...

--They usually wear tight black or bright colored band shirts or shirts from goodwill.. They usually wear black hoodies sometimes with patches so they can stick their hands in the pockets and look cool and nonchalant.. oh and they keep them warm too. Often you will see them with blackly painted fingernails- no this isnt a sign of being gay. It shows emo-ness. Almost always you'll see them in tightass girl pants with studded belts, and seXy boXers showing. Bandannas often stick out of the butt pockets.. Band buttons are often present on the front pockets of the pants or on the hoodie. Pants are sometimes rolled up once at the bottom, and socks never show because they are tucked inside Chuck Taylors, or black skate shoes.

--They listen to a lot of bands that 'no one has heard of' and a lot of local bands that do a lot of screaming with emotional lyrics. Also they listen to mainstream emo, and screamo. Such as: The Used, From First to Last, Fall Out Boy, Silverstein, Hawthorne Heights etc..

--They arent afraid to show their emotions. They can cry, they can be eXtremely hyper, calm, and playful-(as in sometimes they hit on other guys such as their friends or band members but can still be completely straight.)


Get It? Got It? Grand.
(Misinformed)Person #1: Look theres 3 gay guys holding hands while walking down the street!
(Informed)Person #2: No silly, theyre not gay, theyre hott seXy emo boys who like to show their metroseXuality.
(Now Informed)Person #1: Oh, I get it! Just cuz theyre boys who are holding hands doesnt mean theyre gay, its eXactly like girls linking arms only you know, with boys.
(Still Informed)Person #2: EXACTLY!
by Kristin and Kelsey August 14, 2005
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a guy of any age really.. that listens to music that a lot of people can relate to. not every emo kid slits his wrist and or cries over their ex girlfriend. half the emo type guys i know wouldn't even give a fuck. mainly its about the music. he tends to take very well care of him self.. dresses in clothes thats fits him tightly.. which in my view is sexy. some are very articulate and have very strong meaning behind the things they say, write in lyrics and write in their poetry. im not emo myself.. i dun label my self ; but i think everyone should just get over the whole stereotype thing.. its kind of been done with.
"if you're shrewd enough to be underlined, then you are there."
by MeLi September 23, 2004
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