The group of single folks, typically in their 30's, who go to singles groups or dating schemes for the purpose of trying to find men (or women). Since they've probably been dumped several times and are desperate to sell, they are known as the clearance rack.
Jamie goes to a bunch of speed-dating nights each week - she's definitely on the clearance rack.
by ninety September 19, 2007
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a very small chest or "rack" on a woman (man-it could happen)
guy 1: dude! check out that girl's assets
guy 2: wtf are you talking about she has a clearance rack
guy 1: no dude her moms
guy 2: oh snap look at those jugs
by dk333 November 14, 2006
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1: A classification of people who are considered less than substandard to date or hook up with due to looks, income, or personality.

2: The people who hang out at the bar after it has cleared out.
If I can't hook up with Jane tonight I will have to shop the clearance rack by the door.

If he dumps me now I will have to start shopping the clearance rack again.
by Cashew December 08, 2007
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A rather unintelligent person. One who rarely has their facts straight.
Idiot: The world has so many people in it. Like 4 billion.

Smart One: Ha, what a clearance rack. It was actually 6,775,235,700 in 2009, according to World Bank.
by Those One Guy July 12, 2011
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